scent of a run

On my runs I mostly smell pine. But I feel lucky and blessed that this is the case.

me and my run

Tonight I was driving along my regular run route and felt the restlessness in my feet. It’s been a few days since my last run. I need to get out tomorrow.

Along the route I run, there are distinctive scents at different spots. There’s a bend right about the start of my run that has the heady fragrance of frangipani (only in the early hours of the morning) that fades into the fetid rush of a gutter. Further down, there is the smell of exhaust when a few trucks rumble over the speed-breakers. This stretch is followed by air that is fresh and crisp and the road seems like it could go on forever. Somewhere along that peaceful length of road is a temple from incense wafts out.

A complete run loop with the fragrant and the noxious.

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Awesome MT


OK, so Awesome Montana is going to be sort of an umbrella for my three projects. One is which will be my professional artist page, one will be Countdown to the Marathon which will document my journey back to the Missoula Half Marathon this year and will include some previously unpublished posts from last year’s journey as well, and the last part is called ChicksWhoPeeInTheWoods which is kinda just me, where I will write about things like living in Montana, technology tips, life as an entrepreneur, dreams for helping the environment and more. I guess well see where it goes.

I think it’s gonna be easy (haha) to push the publish button today because I’m ready, I’ve done my homework, I’ve created lots of practice blog posts getting used to my voice. I’m completely terrified and yet I am ready to leap with two feet and see what value I can add to the world to make it a better place.